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The Suggested Items in Sales Order Entry offers the user the option of seeing items that may be associated or related to the item being entered on a sales order. For example, if the user enters a sales order line item of "Watercraft Outboard Engine", a "Suggested Items" grid might be displayed in the sales order entry screen listing "Watercraft Outboard 5 Gallon Gas Tank", and "Watercraft Gas Tank Fuel Line".

Any displayed Suggested Items may be selected to be conveniently added to the sales order entry screen.

Installation, Setup & Usage

Installation Requirements:

Prior to running this application, you will need to have the appropriate version of Sage 500 installed. (Most Sage 500 versions may be made compatible; for further information please contact Blytheco Dev for further information). It is recommended to have a complete and tested backup prior to installing any application on your Sage 500 platform.

Reinstalling or Installing an Update:

You must first uninstall any custom client/server installs via “Add and Remove Programs”. This will not uninstall any database objects, but will permit the update install to run its SQL package to update the necessary database objects. Once the previous install has been removed, you may then run the new client and server installs.

Components to the Installation:

1. Server Installation – This adds the database stored procedures and tables required to run the integration. Run the Install Shield on the Sage 500 database server.
2. Client Installation – This is used to install the client components of Sage 500. Run the Install Shield Application on each appropriate workstation that the enhancement will run.

Task Setup:

The task Suggested Item Maintenance must be added to the Sage 500 task menu.

1. Select your Sage 500 desktop, go to the Inventory Management > Maintenance folder
2. Right click on the folder and select “Create New Task.”
3. When the context menu appears, select MAS 500 Task.
4. For Module select Inventory Mainagement
5. Select the task named Suggested Item Maintenance then select OK.
6. A Suggested Item Maintenance task will appear in the MAS500 task menu.

Suggested Item Maintenance Task
Figure 1 Suggested Item Maintenance Task

Suggested Items Setup:

Activate the new Suggested Items Maintenance task by clicking on it. See Figure 2.

Suggested Items Maintenance Screen
Figure 2 Suggested Items Maintenance Screen

The Suggested Item Maintenance grid allows you to setup or modify “suggested items” associated to one specific maintained Item at a time. (i.e. An item can have one or more items associated to it).

Any maintained item that the user wishes to have other maintained items related to it (i.e. for sales purposes) may be set up using this Suggested Items Maintenance screen.

In the example displayed by Figure 2, a "Cable100" item is entered in the Suggested Item Maintenance Item field. In the Suggested Item ID grid, items "Cable200" and "Cable300" are entered. This will allow the two Suggested items to be displayed in the Suggested Items grid of sales order entry whenever the Cable100 item is entered as a sales order line item.

Using This Enhancement

Suggested Items in Sales Order Entry

In the Sales Order Entry screen, there is a new Suggested Items grid. This grid will be populated with Suggested Items whenever you enter a line item that has associated suggested items. In Figure 3 a sales order shows an line item entry that has no Suggested Items associated to it; thus the new Suggested Items grid at the bottom of the screen is empty.

Sales Order Entry
Figure 3 Sales Order Entry

If another line item is added to the sales order that has Suggested Items, as shown in Figure 4, the Suggested Items Grid is populated with all of the associated items.

Sales Order Entry With Suggested Items
Figure 4 Sales Order Entry With Suggested Items

The user can select an item from the Suggested Item grid, if desired, by doing the following:

1. Set the “focus” on the entered sales order line item (or look-up item). See Figure 4.
2. Go to the suggested item grid and “double click” on a Suggested Item ID. (Also reflected in Figure 4). That will auto-populate the selected suggested item into the next sales order line.

In Figure 5, the "Cable200" Suggested Item was selected and auto-populated as a sales order line item entry (after step "2." above).

Auto-Populated Suggested Item on Sales Order
Figure 5 Auto-Populated Suggested Item on Sales Order

Any sales order lines that get auto-populated from the Suggested Item grid can be modified (e.g. order quantity) or deleted the same as a manually entered line item.

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