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This Extended Solution to the Sales Order module allows you to specify by Inventory item if another Item should be added to a Sales Order or Invoice. The companion item to be added can vary; it will be stored in a specified Inventory Custom Office UDF of the item which requires it.
File:Light Bulb.JPGThe Custom Office module must be installed in order for this to function.


Before installing any Extended Solution, please verify that the version level referenced on your installation file is the same version level as your Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200) installation. (For more information please call (800) 425-9843). It is recommended to have a complete and tested backup prior to installing any application on your Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200) platform.

Extended Solutions Control Center

Installing any Extended Solution will add an Extended Solutions Control Center to the Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200) Library Master Utilities menu. When you open the Control Center, the following options will be available:

  • Merge Installation Files
  • Extended Solutions Setup options

Custom Office

If you customize your Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200), then you must run the Update Utility every time you install this Extended Solution.


Upon completion of software installation, you will need to access Extended Solutions Setup from the Sales Order Setup menu. Select this part number, and the Setup screen for this Extended Solution will appear (Figure 1). Check the ‘Enable Extended Solution’ box to activate this Extended Solution.

SO-1499 Setup Options

Answer the following prompts:

COMPANION ITEM UDF: Specify a 15 character String C/I Item UDF which will store the companion item number.
COMPANION ITEM FLAG UDF: Specify the checkbox C/I Item UDF which denotes that this Inventory Item is a companion item.
OVERRIDE COMPANION LOGIC FLAG UDF: If you wish to allow the logic of this Extended Solution to be controlled by the user on a line by line basis, specify a checkbox SO Order Detail UDF.

File:Light Bulb.JPGYou will need to set up an SO Invoice Detail UDF named the same that is set to default from the Sales Order Detail UDF.

COMPANION ITEM WAREHOUSE: Specify the warehouse that will be used on the Companion Item line.

Role Maintenance
The following Task has been added to Sales Order, Setup Options:

  • Extended Solutions Setup

You should visit this Setup screen after each upgrade or reinstallation of this Extended Solution.


Inventory Maintenance
For each item which requires a companion item, note what its companion item is in the Companion Item UDF. Each companion item will need to have its Companion Item Flag checked.

Sales Order and Invoice Entry
As you exit the Lines tab of Sales Order or S/O Invoice entry, this Extended Solution will check all Inventory Items on the order/invoice to see if any of the Inventory Items’ Custom Office Companion Item UDFs contain a companion item. If so then the specified Companion Item Number will be added to sales order/invoice referencing the WHS noted in Setup. Its Quantity Ordered, and Quantity Shipped if Invoice entry, will equal the total Quantity Ordered or Shipped of the Originating Item(s). This will be regardless of Unit of Measure. If 5 ‘EA’ of Item A and 6 ‘CASE’ of Item B both cause the addition of Companion Item C, it will be for a quantity of 11.

This check will occur each time the Lines are exited and will either add the Companion Item line, adjust its quantity or delete it; therefore, the user should not add the Companion Item to the order or invoice manually using the Setup specified WHS.

If any Inventory item’s UDF value for Companion Item results in an invalid Item number then a warning will appear (Figure 2).

SO-1499 Companion Item Message

If you elected to use the ‘Override Companion Logic Flag’ in Setup, then all of the above documented processing will happen when the UDF is unchecked. If this UDF is checked on the originating item’s line prior to exiting the lines tab, then the companion item will not be added. If it was unchecked upon initial line entry then later checked when revisiting an existing order, it will decrement the quantity ordered or shipped of companion item. If the companion item is deleted, it will not be added back to the order upon exit of the Lines tab.

What’s New

With the 09-06-07 release:

  • Converted to Business Framework
  • Added setup option ‘Override Companion Logic Flag UDF’

Upgrades and Compatibility

The installation CD is labeled with the version of the MAS 90 MAS 200 module for which this Extended Solution was prepared. This Extended Solution will check its compatibility with the appropriate MAS 90 MAS 200 modules and will be disabled if an incompatibility is found. If you upgrade your MAS 90 MAS 200 modules, this Extended Solution must be upgraded as well. Your MAS 90 MAS 200 dealer can supply this upgrade.


Only changes made by Blytheco, LLC to the standard operation of Sage Software, Inc. MAS 90 MAS 200 have been documented in this manual. Operations not documented in this manual are standard procedures of MAS 90 MAS 200 processing. Standard MAS 90 MAS 200 processes, data entry screens, inquiry screens, reports, updates, etc., have not been changed unless addressed in this document.

Parts of this document may refer to the Specific Purpose Rule. When referenced, the described feature was developed for a specific client to its specifications and may not conform to generally accepted MAS 90 MAS 200 standards and procedures. These features may or may not benefit you in your application of MAS 90 MAS 200.


Copyright © 2010 Blytheco, LLC. MAS 90 and MAS 200 are registered trademarks of Sage Software, Inc.

Revision Note: 4.5

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