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This Extended Solution to the Payroll module adds the ability to assign an employee a 2-character ‘Location’ code as an additional method of categorization. Checks and Direct Deposit stubs can be printed in location code order; reports can be run and summarized by location code. Wage, tax expense, tax liabilities and deductions can be posted to different General Ledger account numbers based on this location code.


Before installing any Extended Solution, please verify that the version level referenced on your installation file is the same version level as your Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200) installation. (For more information please call (800) 425-9843). It is recommended to have a complete and tested backup prior to installing any application on your Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200) platform.

Custom Solutions Control Center

Installing any Custom Solution will add an Custom Solutions Control Center to the Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200) Library Master Utilities menu. When you open the Control Center, the following options will be available:

  • Merge Installation Files
  • Custom Solutions Setup options

Custom Office

If you customize your Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200), then you must run the Update Utility every time you install this Custom Solution.


Upon completion of software installation, you will need to access the Payroll menu option screen. After the standard MAS 90 MAS 200 option screens have been displayed, a Setup screen for this Custom Solution will appear. Check the ‘Enable Custom Solution’ box to activate this Custom Solution (Figure 1).

PR-1019 Setup Options

Answer the following prompts:

STARTING POSITION IN G/L ACCOUNT NUMBER FOR LOCATION: Enter the starting position in the G/L Account Number for Location.

Be certain that you have created a GL Account to match your location/department codes.

STARTING POSITION IN G/L ACCOUNT NUMBER FOR DEPARTMENT: Enter the starting position in the G/L Account Number for Department.
POST TAX EXPENSE BY LOCATION/DEPARTMENT: Check this box to enable account substitution for tax expense accounts.
PROCESS LOCATION BY LINE: If this box is checked, then the program will use the line for wage expense posting. If it is unchecked, the header will be used.
SUBSTITUTION: This will default to ‘Location Code.’ Select ‘Location Code’ or ‘Specific Value.’ If you select Specific Value, the next prompt will be available:
SIZE OF SPECIFIC VALUE FIELD: Enter a single character to designate the size of the Specific Value field that will be added to Location Maintenance.

The following option will only be available if you have specified that you use graphical Checks on the Forms tab in P/R Setup:

SORT GRAPHICAL CHECKS IN LOCATION ORDER: Check this box to sort Payroll checks by Default Location.
POST TAX ACCRUAL BY LOCATION: Check this box to enable account substitution for tax accrual accounts.
POST DEDUCTIONS BY LOCATION: Check this box to enable account substitution for deductions.

You should visit this Setup screen after each upgrade or reinstallation of this Custom Solution.

Role Maintenance
The following Task has been added to Payroll, Setup Options:

  • Custom Solutions Setup

Please review your security setup in Role Maintenance and make appropriate changes.


Choose ‘Location Maintenance’ from the Payroll Setup menu to set up locations (Figure 2).

If you selected 'Specific Value' for the ‘Substitution’ option in Setup, Location Maintenance will be modified with a new 'Substitution Value' field of the length specified in the 'Size of Specific Value' field. Input the value you want to have substituted in General Ledger Accounts.

PR-1019 Location Maintenance

Employee Maintenance
A new field, accessible via the ‘More’ button, on the Employee Address and Constant Information screen (Figure 3) stores the default location code for each employee (Figure 3a). It may be changed at any time.

PR-1019 PR Employee Maintenance
Figure 3

PR-1019 Location Processing

Payroll Data Entry
Payroll data entry and auto-pay operations are performed normally. The employee default location code is added as a new field in the check header section (Figure 4a). It is accessible via the ‘More’ button (Figure 4). It can be changed on each check as required. The location code has no other affect on data entry. The Check History Inquiry screen displays the location code used on each check (Figure 5).

PR-1019 Payroll Data Entry

PR-1019 Location Entry

PR-1019 PR Employee Maintenance

The two-digit Location Code field has been added to Line Entry, which is accessible via the ‘More’ button (Figure 6) if you checked ‘Process Location by Line’ in Setup.

PR-1019 Payroll Data Entry

The header Location Code will default into this field, but it can be overridden (see Figure 4a). During Wage Expense Posting, the program will look to this Location Code on the line to determine where to post.

All other processing (e.g., Tax Expense Posting, Accrual Posting, Check Printing, Check History and Deduction Posting) will use the Location Code on the check header.

The following reports have been modified to add an additional sort and selection options as indicated. Additional subtotals by location have been added where appropriate.

PR-1019 Reports

During the Check Register Update processing, the location code is added to the Check History file. The location code can also be used to affect the posting of wage and tax expenses (see Wage and Tax Expense Posting below). During Payroll Tax Calculation, a new sort file is generated by check location/employee number and check location/department number to be used by the various reports. The sort file for default location/employee number and default location/employee name is generated on-the-fly by the appropriate reports.

If you specified a ‘Substitution Value’ for the Location Code, that value will be placed into the specified portion of a General Ledger Account Number. If no Substitution Value was specified, the Location Code will be used.

Tax Expense Postings by Location/Department
During the Check Register Update processing, as each payroll tax expense is posting to G/L, if the box in Setup to post tax expense by location/department has been checked, then the default G/L Account Number for that department is modified by substituting the location specified in the check header at the designated position in the G/L Account.

Post Tax Accrual by Location
If you have checked the box in Setup to post tax accrual by location, then the Check Register Update will be modified to substitute the location specified in the check header (or its segment value) at the designated position in the G/L Account Number associated with each of the federal and state tax accrual accounts.

Wage Expense Postings By Location/Department
Earnings Code Setup
Two new options are available on the Earnings Code Maintenance screen (Figure 7a), accessible via the ‘More’ button (Figure 7): ‘Location Segment Substitution’ (LSS) and ‘Department Segment Substitution’ (DSS).

PR-1019 Earnings Code Maintenance

PR-1019 Location Substitution

The segment substitution options are active regardless of the answer to the ‘Post Earnings Expenses by Dept’ (EBD) question. If EBD is ‘No,’ then a G/L account number is prompted for (as usual). This account number is the full account number size. The appropriate substitutions will take place during update processing as indicated below. If EBD is ‘Yes,’ then the G/L account number used during the substitutions will be the number specified in Department Setup for that department.

When the wage expense postings are made during check register update processing, the selected G/L account number (pulled from either the department setup or the earnings code maintenance, depending upon the answer to EBD) is modified according to the LSS and DSS flags. First, Payroll Setup is accessed to determine the location and department segments. Then the substitutions take place using the location from the check header or line, depending on Setup, and the department from the payroll line-item (not the employee default department or location). If the resulting G/L account number is not valid then the G/L account number that would have defaulted in standard MAS 90 MAS 200 will be used. The resulting G/L account number is posted to the General Ledger.

The Earnings Code Listing includes the LSS and DSS flags.

Post Deductions by Location
When this setup option is checked, the location on the Check Header will be used as the segment substitution value for all Standard Type Deduction Code’s Accrual Account.

Non-Graphical Forms
You can maintain the new form fields for this Custom Solution by clicking the ‘Form…’ button. A window will pop up where you may select the form you would like to maintain (Figure 8). Select this Custom Solution to display the Form Maintenance screen (Figure 9).

PR-1019 Form Maintenance

PR-1019 Forms Customization

The new fields that you activate with this Custom Solution will print in addition to any other fields that have been activated in standard MAS 90 MAS 200 or other Custom Solution FORM maintenance.

Graphical Forms
The following fields have been added to the following Crystal Work Table files:

PR-1019 Graphical Forms

If you checked the ‘Sort Graphical Checks In Location Order’ option in Setup, Payroll checks will be sorted by Default Location.

Changes are required for the Graphical Direct Deposit Stub:

Go into FORM Maintenance
Delete Group Header #1: @EmployeeNumber – A

There may be additional fields available for graphical forms printing that are defined to non-Work Table files. Please refer to the Crystal Reports section below.

Visual Integrator

The files listed below have been added or changed in the Data Dictionary by this Custom Solution for Visual Integrator purposes.

PR-1019 Visual Integrator

The Data Dictionary may contain other files and data fields that are not available without their corresponding Custom Solutions installed.

ODBC Dictionary

The files listed below have been added or changed in the ODBC Dictionaries by this Custom Solution for Crystal Reports purposes.

PR-1019 ODBC Dictionary

Be aware that the ODBC Dictionaries may contain other files and data fields that will be unavailable without their corresponding Custom Solutions installed.

What’s New

With the 08-27-08 release:

  • Added Setup option to ‘Post Deductions by Location’.

Upgrades and Compatibility

The installation CD is labeled with the version of the MAS 90 MAS 200 module for which this Custom Solution was prepared. This Custom Solution will check its compatibility with the appropriate MAS 90 MAS 200 modules and will be disabled if an incompatibility is found. If you upgrade your MAS 90 MAS 200 modules, this Custom Solution must be upgraded as well. Your MAS 90 MAS 200 dealer can supply this upgrade.


Only changes made by Blytheco, LLC to the standard operation of Sage Software, Inc. MAS 90 MAS 200 have been documented in this manual. Operations not documented in this manual are standard procedures of MAS 90 MAS 200 processing. Standard MAS 90 MAS 200 processes, data entry screens, inquiry screens, reports, updates, etc., have not been changed unless addressed in this document.

Parts of this document may refer to the Specific Purpose Rule. When referenced, the described feature was developed for a specific client to its specifications and may not conform to generally accepted MAS 90 MAS 200 standards and procedures. These features may or may not benefit you in your application of MAS 90 MAS 200.


Copyright © 2010 Blytheco, LLC. MAS 90 and MAS 200 are registered trademarks of Sage Software, Inc.

Revision Note: 4.4

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