M9-LM-1033 Enhanced Faxing for Paperless Office

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This Extended Solution adds internet faxing capabilities to Paperless Office by converting faxes to emails for the following providers:

    • Faxaway
    • eFax
    • MaxEmail
    • Protus

It is designed to be used in conjunction with Paperless forms and Extended Solution AP-1095, Paperless Office: A/P Checks and Direct Deposit Stubs.


Before installing any Extended Solution, please verify that the version level referenced on your installation file is the same version level as your Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200) installation. (For more information please call (800) 425-9843). It is recommended to have a complete and tested backup prior to installing any application on your Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200) platform.

Extended Solutions Control Center

Installing any Extended Solution will add an Extended Solutions Control Center to the Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200) Library Master Utilities menu. When you open the Control Center, the following options will be available:

  • Merge Installation Files
  • Extended Solutions Setup options

Custom Office

If you customize your Sage 100 (MAS 90 MAS 200), then you must run the Update Utility every time you install this Extended Solution.


Once the disk is installed, you will need to access the Library Master ‘Extended Solutions Control Center’ (see above) and select ‘Extended Solutions Setup options,’ then ‘LM-1033.’ Check the ‘Enable Extended Solution’ box to activate this Extended Solution.

LM-1033 Setup Options - Faxing Setup

Answer the following prompts under the ‘Faxing Setup’ tab (Figure 1):

FAXING SERVICE: Select the service you will be using to send faxes:
    • Faxaway
    • eFax
    • MaxEmail
    • Protus
    • Generic FAX Service

Generic Fax Service has been added as an option in addition to the faxing services currently offered. We have made this option available for users that can configure it to work with their chosen fax service. We provide no warranty or support of this option.

‘FROM’ E-MAIL ADDRESS: Enter the e-mail address authorized to send faxes from this fax service.
PASSWORD: Enter the password for this service, if one is required.
FAX SERVICE DOMAIN: Enter the domain name for the fax service selected above.
INCLUDE A COVER PAGE: Check this box to include cover page if your fax service supports cover page (this will be disabled for Faxaway). If you use Protus, check this box to include the fax message on the cover page that you set up in your account preference.
USE ‘FINE’ TRANSMISSION RESOLUTION: Check this box to use ‘fine’ resolution. Note that not all faxing services support this option.
LOCAL AREA CODE: Enter your local area code.

LM-1033 Setup Options - Test Faxing

Answer the following prompts under the ‘Testing Faxing’ tab (Figure 2):

FAX NUMBER: Enter the fax number to which you want to send a test fax. Format the number as instructed by your fax service (usually beginning with a ‘1’ and followed by the area code and phone number).
SUBJECT LINE FOR TESTING: Enter the text for the subject line on the test fax.

Click the ‘Send Test Fax’ button. The text box to the right of the button will tell you whether or not the fax was sent to the selected faxing service successfully. Obviously, you should also check to see if the fax was received at the specified fax number.

Company Maintenance
Your Company Code must be set up to send emails on the E-mail tab. The Fax tab options are irrelevant to this Extended Solution.

You should visit this Setup screen after each upgrade or reinstallation of this Extended Solution.


Paperless Forms Printing
Paperless form faxes will be converted to emails to the faxing service selected. ‘From Fax Number’ and ‘From Name’ are not used (Figure 3).

Electronic Delivery for Forms

If Setup option ‘Include Cover Page’ is checked and your faxing service supports cover page, the fax message set up in Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance (when ‘Use Fax Message’ is checked) or the Subject Line (when ‘Use Fax Message’ is unchecked) will be included on the cover page.

When importing fax numbers into Customer Maintenance, the format must be (###)###-####, otherwise your Fax Service may reject the request for transmittal.

Upgrades and Compatibility

The installation CD is labeled with the version of the MAS 90 MAS 200 module for which this Extended Solution was prepared. This Extended Solution will check its compatibility with the appropriate MAS 90 MAS 200 modules and will be disabled if an incompatibility is found. If you upgrade your MAS 90 MAS 200 modules, this Extended Solution must be upgraded as well. Your MAS 90 MAS 200 dealer can supply this upgrade.


Only changes made by Blytheco, LLC to the standard operation of Sage Software, Inc. MAS 90 MAS 200 have been documented in this manual. Operations not documented in this manual are standard procedures of MAS 90 MAS 200 processing. Standard MAS 90 MAS 200 processes, data entry screens, inquiry screens, reports, updates, etc., have not been changed unless addressed in this document.

Parts of this document may refer to the Specific Purpose Rule. When referenced, the described feature was developed for a specific client to its specifications and may not conform to generally accepted MAS 90 MAS 200 standards and procedures. These features may or may not benefit you in your application of MAS 90 MAS 200.


Copyright © 2010 Blytheco, LLC. MAS 90 and MAS 200 are registered trademarks of Sage Software, Inc.

Revision Note: 4.4

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