M5-SO-1020 Duplicate Customer Purchase Orders

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This enhancement adds functionality to the Enter Sales Order and Quotes screen to check for duplicate Customer PO Numbers and provide a warning message if that condition exists.

Installation Requirements

Prior to running this application, you will need to have Sage 500 installed.(Various versions of Sage 500 are, or can be, made compatible. For more information please call (800) 425-9843). It is recommended to have a complete and tested backup prior to installing any application on your Sage 500 platform.

Reinstalling or Installing an Update

You must first uninstall any custom client/server installs via “Add and Remove Programs”. This will not uninstall any database objects, but will permit the update install to run its SQL package to update the necessary database objects. Once the previous install has been removed, you may then run the new client and server installs.

Components to the Installation

Server Installation

This adds the database stored procedures and tables required to run the integration. Run the Install Shield on the Sage 500 database server.

Client Installation

This is used to install the client components of Sage 500. Run the Install Shield Application on each appropriate workstation that the enhancement will run.


No additional setup is required for this enhancement to function.

Using This Enhancement

1. Go to Enter Sales Order and Quotes and enter a sales order as usual.
2. Enter a Customer PO Number then tab. *The system checks to see if the data entered for the Customer PO number has already been used for the selected Customer after the user leaves the Customer PO number field.
3. If the Customer PO number has already been used for the selected Customer, a “PO Exists” warning message appears.
4. Select the OK button to clear the warning message.
5. The Customer PO number field is automatically cleared.

Enter Sales Orders and Quotes


  • The system check is not case sensitive. When the system checks to see if the Customer PO Number is a duplicate, it is not case sensitive. (e.g., if the number had been entered as “t4545”, a duplicate Customer PO message would still appear).
  • The system will only prevent the user from entering a duplicate PO number for the selected customer. The PO number may continue to be used for customers other than the selected customer.

Enter Sales Orders and Quotes

For example, in this figure, the Customer PO number “T4545” has been used for Customer “Abbott”, but it has not been used for customer “Aldebrn”, therefore the warning message did not appear when the user tabbed off the Customer PO field.

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