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This enhancement adds functionality allowing the purchase order receipt matching process to check the quantity received on receipt of invoice to the quantity received in receipt of goods entry. This logic checks for the matching entry and, if a match does not exist, the transaction will fail the matching process.

Installation, Setup & Usage

Installation Requirements:

Prior to running this application, you will need to have the appropriate Sage 500 version installed. Currently this application is compatible with 7.05, but other versions may be made compatible. (Contact Blytheco Development for further information). It is recommended to have a complete and tested backup prior to installing any application on your Sage 500 platform.

Reinstalling or Installing an Update:

You must first uninstall any custom client/server installs via “Add and Remove Programs”. This will not uninstall any database objects, but will permit the update install to run its SQL package to update the necessary database objects. Once the previous install has been removed, you may then run the new client and server installs.

Components to the Installation:

1. Server Installation – This adds the database stored procedures and tables required to run the integration. Run the Install Shield on the Sage 500 database server.
2. Client Installation – This is used to install the client components of Sage 500. Run the Install Shield Application on each appropriate workstation that the enhancement will run.

Using This Enhancement

Matching PO Receipt of Invoices

The current matching process allows for matches of quantities received on the voucher versus the purchase order document. This enhancement will validate against the receipt of goods in addition to the purchase order.

PO Matching Process

This utility intercepts the current PO Matching process and adds a couple of additional steps to the process:

1. When matching occurs the quantity from Receipt of Goods is retrieved during the matching routine.
2. This information has been exposed on the matching screen for verification of data.
3. If the matching receipt of goods does not match the receipt of invoice, the match will fail for that specific receipt line. This will need to be deleted from the batch or changed prior to posting.

Matching Receipt of Invoice
Figure 1 - Matching Receipt of Invoice to PO

Matching Receipt of Invoice
Figure 2 - Matching Receipt of Invoice to PO

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