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This enhancement provides the following capabilities:

  • If the request date on a purchase order changes, it will apply to all lines that previously were entered on the Purchase Order.
  • This date will be saved to the line detail and every change that occurs to the request date in the future will update the lines on the purchase order.

Installation, Setup & Usage

This enhancement is currently compatible with Sage 500 Version 7.0 with Service Pack 2 September 2006 Release. Other Sage 500 versions and monthly updates may be made compatible. (Contact Blytheco Development for further information).

Installation Requirements:

Prior to running this application, you will need to have the appropriate version of Sage 500 installed. It is recommended to have a complete and tested backup prior to installing any application on your Sage 500 platform.

Reinstalling or Installing an Update:

You must first uninstall the client/server installs via “Add and Remove Programs”. This will not uninstall any database objects, but will permit the update install to run its SQL package to update the necessary database objects. Once the previous install has been removed, you may then run the new client and server installs.

Components to the Installation:

1. Server Installation – This adds the database stored procedures and tables required to run the integration. Run the Install Shield on the Sage 500 database server.
2. Client Installation – This is used to install the client components of Sage 500. Run the Install Shield Application on each appropriate workstation that the enhancement will run.

Using This Enhancement

Purchase Order Promise Date

The steps for using this enhancement are:

1) Select a previously entered Purchase Order in Sage 500. This order should have existing lines for the default date to cascade.
2) Select the Line Defaults tab on the Purchase Order and change the Request Date field to the correct date that you would like to update the line Promised date to. See Figure 1.

Purchase Order – Line Defaults Request Date
Figure 1 - Purchase Order – Line Defaults Request Date

3) When you tab from this field it will update all of the Promised fields on the Lines tab with the date that you have selected. See Figure 2.

Purchase Order – Lines Tab Promise Date
Figure 2 - Purchase Order – Lines Tab Promise Date

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