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This product enhances the MAS 500 task of creating a purchase order directly from a sales order. The enhancement uses Sales Order Lines Custom Field #2 to group sales order lines together on a Purchase Order.

Set Up SO Options

Creating Sales Order Custom Fields

For the enhancement to function correctly, the user must set up the second custom field for Sales Order Lines to contain the values desired for re-grouping lines on the purchase orders. This task is accessed in Sales Order module, Maintenance folder, SO Setup sub-folder, Set Up SO Options task.

Set Up SO Options.JPG

Select the “Custom Fields” button on the Set up SO Options screen to access the Set up Custom Fields screen.

Set Up Custom Fields

Select “Sales Order Lines” for the entity type.

Set Up Custom Fields

It is imperative that the second field be used for this setup in order for the enhancment to function correctly. (See above figure). The field usage should be set to “required,” the title should describe the grouping defined by the field, and data type should be “validated.” When validated is selected, the “Values” button will be activated so values can be added.

The values for this field should exactly duplicate the values of the MAS 500 table for which it is substituing. In this example, the enhancement is being used to group by the “Ship Via” value. Therefore, the user should list the “Ship Via” values set up in the sytem:

This figure shows the first page of the Ship Via List, printed from Common Information, Reports Folder, Other Lists sub-folder. Using this document as a checklist, duplicate values are created for Sales Order Lines custom field number 2.

CI Shipping Method List

Values can be added without granting access to the Setup SO Options task by using the Set Up SO Custom Field Values task in Sales Order module, Maintenance Folder, SO Setup sub-folder.

Set Up Custom Fields Values

Process Sales Orders

Use the Sales Order Module, Activities Folder, Enter Sales Order and Quotes Task to create new sales orders.

Note: This enhancement is designed to function with “Ship” Delivery Method orders. It will not function if “Drop Ship” is selected as the Delivery Method Since custom field #2 is set to “required,” the user willl have to enter a value even on drop ship orders, but drop ship orders will not be grouped according to the value entered in the custom field.

As each line is entered, be sure to check it as “Generate PO” and insert the vendor on the Line, Delivery Method sub-tab (see figure).

Enter Sales Orders and Quotes

When these values have been entered, select the “Other” sub-tab for sales order line, click on the “Custom Fields” button , and select the desired value from the list.

Enter Sales Orders and Quotes Custom

If Sales Order Lines Custom Field #2 was set to “Required,” the user will not be able to save the Sales Order until a value is entered in this field.

After all lines are entered, save and close the sales order.

Create Purchase Order from Sales Order

Purchase Orders are created using the Purchase Order module, Activities Folder, Generate PO from SO task. Enter the criteria that govern selection of sales orders for which to generate purchase orders, check the “Standard Orders” box, and click the “Select” button. Review the results and if correct, click the “Generate All” button to flag for purchase order creation and finish by selection the proceed icon in upper left screen.

Generate PO from SO

Purchase Orders may now be reviewed in Purchase Order module, Activities folder, Enter Purchase Order task.

Review of Enhancement Effects

This section will illustrate the effects of the enhancement. In the first example, the sales order is created with four lines, and all lines have the same value set for custom field #2. When the purchase order is reviewed via Enter Purchase Orders task, all four lines appear on the same order.

Enter Purchase Orders

In the next example, another sales order is created with four lines. Two of the lines are assigned the custom field value “Airborne” and the other two lines are assigned custom field value “UPS.” Create PO from SO task is then run on this sales order.

Enter Sales Orders and Quotes Custom

When results are reviewed via Enter Sales Orders, two sales orders have been created – one for each pair of lines sharing the same custom field value.

Enter Purchase Orders

Enter PO Airborne


The create PO from SO enhancement groups sales order lines by the values assinged to sales order line custom field #2 on purchase orders created from the sales order. The sales order will trigger individual purchase orders for each distinct value of the custom field. This enhancement will only function with sales orders having Delivery Type of “Ship.”

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