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This enhancement allows the user to associate equipment to a customer. The user will be able to look up equipment in the Maintain Customers screen and add the equipment to the Customer’s master record.

Installation Requirements

Prior to running this application, you will need to have Sage 500 installed. (Various versions of Sage 500 are, or can be, made compatible. For more information please call (800) 425-9843). It is recommended to have a complete and tested backup prior to installing any application on your Sage 500 platform.

Reinstalling or Installing an Update

You must first uninstall any custom (non-Sage) client/server installs via “Add and Remove Programs”. This will not uninstall any database objects, but will permit the update install to run its SQL package to update the necessary database objects. Once the previous install has been removed, you may then run the new client and server installs.

Components to the Installation

Server Installation

This adds the database stored procedures and tables required to run the integration. Run the Install Shield on the Sage 500 database server.

Client Installation

This is used to install the client components of Sage 500. Run the Install Shield Application on each appropriate workstation that the enhancement will run.

Set Up Equipment

To set up “Equipment” to be used for Equipment Management, open the Inventory Management/IM Set Up menu. Product Categories and Assigned Items can be added by the usual procedure for Sage 500 by clicking on the Set Up Product Categories task to activate that screen. Go to the Assign Items tab for this screen to add or modify Items in Product Categories.


Once items are assigned to a Product Category they may be saved and used in a later step. See Assigning Equipment section below.


Set Up Equipment Management

Equipment Management is found on a custom tab in the Maintain Customers screen.


Using This Enhancement

Building Customer Equipment relationships

Select an existing customer from the Sage Maintain Customers screen or enter a new customer for maintenance. Once the customer information has been populated to the screen, you can select the “Equipment Mgmt” tab.


Equipment Management Tab

On the “Equipment Mgmt” tab, you add or remove equipment on the grid to develop the relationship between the customer and any defined equipment. Each line in the grid is a relationship between the current customer and the equipment specified by the line.

Assigning Equipment

To add equipment to the grid, select an empty line or right click and select “Add Line”. Type the “Equipment Id” as defined in Sage or click on the lookup button at the right side of the selected line. The lookup allows you to select from a list Equipment IDs.


To maintain lines on the grid, just click on a grid line and right click, you are again presented with the task menu for “Add”, “Insert” and “Delete”. “Delete Line” will delete the currently selected line from the grid. “Insert Line” will insert a new empty line above the selected grid line.


Finally, use the “Green Check” button or the “Save” button to commit your work

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