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bly:Mobile Technical Requirements

The bly:Mobile platform processes all of the web based screen requests on a server to provide the multi-platform and "Zero Footprint" client of the application. Below are the detailed requirements for client and server setups.

Workstation Requirements

The workstation requirements are based on the requirements for one of the supported browsers indicated below.  The application will use resources on the workstation as a normal web application but the processing and management of business logic occurs on the server:

Browser Requirements

Supported Web Browsers

The bly:Mobile application is currently compatible with the following browsers.

FireFox 10+
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+
Apple Safari 5+
Apple Mobile Safari (iPhone/iPad)
Google Chrome Browser

Enable Javascript

The bly:Mobile Application will require JavaScript to be enabled in order to function correctly. Below are the steps to enable the JavaScript technology on each of the supported browsers.

Enabling JavaScript for FireFox
Enableing JavaScript for Microsoft Internet Explorer
Enabling JavaScript for Apple Safari
Enabling JavaScript for Apple iPhone

Install Adobe Acrobat Reader

In order to print on the bly:Mobile application you will need to have the capability to preview a PDF document in your browser. In order to accomplish you will need to download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Sage 100 System Requirements

The system must be set up to use Standard Security. For security purposes we do not support the use of Unified Logins with bly:Mobile.

Server Requirements

There are many installation configuration options for running the bly:Mobile application within your network environment. The recommended server requirements are identified below and represent the minimum requirements. Based on user load and other applications that are running on the server these requirements may need to be enhanced to accommodate the additional server load:

Operating System Support:

Windows Server 2012 - R2 - All editions

Windows Server 2008 Standard or Enterprise - 32 bit or 64 bit

Windows Server 2003 - Service Pack 2

Windows Server 2003 - R2 - 32 bit - Service Pack 2

Windows Server 2000 - Service Pack 4

Windows Server Advanced Server - Service Pack 4

Recommended Minimum Server Processor:

Intel Core 2 Duo

Recommended Minimum Server Memory:

1GB Core RAM + 90MB per Active User Logged into bly|MOBILE.  (Note this does not include RAM for the core Operating System)

Installation Scenarios:

Installation Scenario 1: bly:Mobile Installed on the Sage 100 Application Server

This installation scenario allows for the the bly:Mobile Application directly on the Sage 100 Application Server. bly:Mobile will be installed in a separate directory on the server and will allow the end user to access the Sage 100 Application via that traditional client or vie the bly:Mobile Web Access.

Installation Scenario 2: bly:Mobile Installed on a separate Sage 100 Application Server

This installation scenario allows for the bly:Mobile Application (Apache and other supporting applications) to be installed on a separate Windows Server. Note that this installation will require a mapped drive to the Sage 100 application server in order to properly render the screens. It is also recommended that these exist on the same network or a managed network to allow for the maximum speed available between the servers.

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