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Stay up-to-date and on the move...

bly:Mobile provides a web-based environment that allows Sage 100 screens and panels to be run over the web from any industry standard web browser. Unlike standard Sage 100 panels, the target device does not have to be a Windows workstation. No download or install is required by the end-user; standard browser functionality (HTML and JavaScript) is used to render and process the panels.


What are the advantages of bly:Mobile?

No software installation required: The most important advantage of bly:Mobile is that it requires no special software to be loaded on the workstation. Virtually any browser that supports JavaScript and Style Sheets can be used. With no software download or installation requirements, Sage 100 applications/programs/functions can run from virtually anywhere and via any web compatible device. This allows end users to access and run their ERP applications from home, a client’s office, a hotel or conference business center, even on a smart phone such as an Apple iPhone.

Improved Performance

bly|Mobile extends standard Sage 100 functionality to provide for a better, faster online experience utilizing the latest in Ajax technologies. Controls that contain large data sets such as grid and list views are downloaded on demand automatically.

Due to the tight integration between the server and the browser client, application logic that interacts with the controls actually interacts with what are effectively shadow controls on the server. Application interaction with controls is confined to the server with only visual updates requiring network exchanges. This further reduces transmissions between the server and the browser making bly:Mobile, in many cases, faster than standard Sage 100 screens.

Easy Customization of Output

Since bly:Mobile is a true browser-based solution, your application can be easily customized through the use of templates and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). These allow you to not only wrap your application within web pages, but also to independently control the look and feel of many of the controls.

Firewall Sensitive

As bly:Mobile is a true web-based application based on the use of HTTP and Ajax connections, it requires no additional ports to be opened on the server. This means that as long as the workstation or device can access the Internet (or Intranet for in-house applications), bly:Mobile applications will function. This includes the ability to work through firewalls and even Proxy servers. On the host end, bly:Mobile was designed to work with either the ProvideX Web server or the industry standard Apache HTTPD server. This allows bly:Mobile based applications to co-exist with other web-based solutions.

A Technical Fact Sheet

Designed for use with Mobile devices, bly:Mobile’s design was based on the concept of a stateless connection between the browser and the server. This means that unlike the standard client-server Sage 100 solution where the workstation needs to both maintain its current state and dedicated connection to the server, the bly:Mobile workstation/device does not need a permanent connection to the server.

Since bly:Mobile is based on browser technology there is no need for a constant connection between the browser and the server. This allows applications to function even where connection to the server is sporadic. The system has the ability to restore any screens at any time with no loss of data. This allows users to terminate their browser session and then re-establish the session at a later time with the system restoring the screen to it full state.

How bly:Mobile Works

bly:Mobile takes your Sage 100 panels and converts them to Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and along with the associated JavaScript provides an AJAX based interface to your application. This conversion is done dynamically at run time by the bly:Mobile rendering engine. In order to render the Sage panels, each control is emulated through host-side objects that provide functionality consistent with that of normal ProvideX controls. When running under bly:Mobile, core application code that references Sage controls is handled by these host-side objects. The objects are responsible for the generation and on-going updating of the HTML through the supporting JavaScript library.

Transport Layer

bly:Mobile itself is not a web server but rather uses a web server as the go-between for your application and the end-user browser. bly:Mobile works currently with either the PxPlus Web server or the industry standard Apache HTTP server.

When the web server receives a request for a bly:Mobile transaction, it will launch a background process on the host server. The process is assigned a session ID that is used to uniquely identify the process on the server.

The process then runs bly:Mobile which will present your Sage 100 panels as HTML web pages. These web pages are sent back to the web server for subsequent delivery to the workstation. The background process then stays active waiting for subsequent input from the workstation/device.

Bly:Mobile Business Objects

bly:Mobile currently supports most Sage 100 modules in the Business Objects Framework including:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Bill of Materials

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