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This screen will overview the Standard Launcher Application within the bly:Mobile Application. This is the launcher that will be used on the Foundation Layer of bly:Mobile on a standard Web Browser application.

Browser Based Bly MOBILE Launcher

1. Company Selection - This is the company code selection pull down.  By changing this pull down the company code will be switched.
2. Sign Off - This is the sign off hyperlink to be used when the user is logging off the application.  This will close the connection with bly:Mobile.
3. Close - This will signoff and close the connection with bly:Mobile.
4. Recent History - This area represents the latest items programs that have been accessed in the application. By clicking on the title in this area the user will re-launch that specific program.
5. Launcher Tree - This is the launcher tree for the bly:Mobile Application. Like the Sage counterpart this tree view provides easy access to the modules and tasks under each area. Note: One key difference in bly:Mobile is its ability to only show items that you have security access. This means items without access will not be displayed in the launcher tree view.
6. Don't Override Browser Frame Option - This option forces the application window (i.e. Customer Maintenance, etc) to open in the existing browser versus opening a new browser window completely. Note that this only works with selected browsers and is based on your current browser settings for Popup Management.
7. Resize Brower to Fit - This will resize the window to fit the application window so that the entire screen is not occupied by white space.
8. Accounting Date - This is the area where the accounting date can be changed while in the application.

You can also use bly:Mobile with your Smart Phone .

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