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bly:Mobile Installation Process

The bly:Mobile installation process is basically comprised of setting up the server pre-requisites for the bly:Mobile Installation and running the installation wizard. Below are the pre-requisites and steps for installation:

Server Pre-Requisites

Review the supported platforms prior to the installation of bly:Mobile as it may not function correctly on un-supported configurations. In order to continue the installation you will need to have the following components loaded on the Server:

1. Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2
2. Sage 100 Version 4.2, 4.30, or 4.40 Installed in a location that can be browsed by the server you are installing bly:Mobile.
3. Access to the Internet - Start Internet Explorer and make sure that the server has internet connectivity.
4. Verify that you have access to your network support professionals that understand your current network configuration (Firewall, Network Topography, etc.)

Installation Process

To install bly:Mobile, follow the steps below:

1. Download the bly:Mobile Installation Package from the Portal. This will include all of the components needed for the installation of bly:Mobile. (Note: Verify that you have installed the .Net Framework prior to running this installation)
2. Double click on the Installation Package to start the install process. This will prompt you with the bly:Mobile Installation Screen (as illustrated below)

a. Initial Installation of Install Package - First Screen

End User License Agreement
b. End User License Agreement - Review and Agree to the End User License Agreement for bly:Mobile.

User Information

Once the installation has completed click the Finish button to exit the Installation Package Wizard.

Setting up bly:Mobile

Once you have completed the installation process detailed above you are now ready for the configuration process on your server.  This process will perform the following steps:

1. Install the Web Server, PDF Printing and Core Components of bly:Mobile on the Server
2. Allow for testing and execution of the bly:Mobile application on the Server.

Running the bly:Mobile Configuration Program

1. Create a user account to run the bly:Mobile application server service. Once the account is created, log in to the server as that account to run the configuration wizard. This will ensure the printing is configured correctly for the service.

2. Upon first launch of the configuration wizard, you will be prompted for the type of installation.
a. Select ‘Single Server’ to install both the web server and the bly:Mobile application server, or select ‘Split Server’ and choose which server type to install.

Bly:Mobile Config. Welcome

b. Upon clicking ‘Save’, the tabs will present the following options based on the installation type.
i. Single Server
Single Server

ii. Split Server – Web Server
Split Server - Web Server

iii. Split Server – bly:Mobile Server
Split Server - BlyMOBILE Server

c. The rest of the instructions will be based around the ‘Single Server’ installation. The same instructions on each tab can be applied to the split installation tabs, as well.

3. The Web Server installation requires verification of the Sage installation path and the type of web server that will be configured.

BlyMOBILE Web Server

a. Once these have been set, click the Verify Install button to verify the settings. If the Sage installation path is accurate and the web server information is available, the Install Web Server button will be enabled.

BlyMOBILE Web Server - Verification

b. Click on Install Web Server to start the installation. The following message will appear to warn you to wait through the installation process. Click Ok to continue

BlyMOBILE Wait Msg

c. Once installation is complete, you should receive the following success message, and the tab will also show the ‘Web server installed’ message in green text.

BlyMOBILE Web Service Msg

4. The bly:Mobile tab will install the bly:Mobile application server. The first step is to verify the necessary installation files are available and have not been changed or altered.


a. If the installation verification was a success, a success notification box will appear. Click Ok to continue.

BlyMOBILE Installation Verification

b. The Sage Installation section will now be enabled. The software should auto detect the Sage installation path and version. Adjust this if necessary and click Save.

BlyMOBILE Tab - Installation

c. Upon clicking Save, the Install bly:Mobile button will be available.

BlyMOBILE Install

d. Click the Install bly:Mobile button and click Ok through the wait message.

BlyMOBILE Wait for completion msg

e. During installation of the PDF Printer, you will be prompted with a printer options box. Click Ok to accept the settings.

BlyMOBILE Ptinter - Options

f. After another short period of time, you will be prompted with a Software registration message. Click Ok to continue.

BlyMOBILE Settings have changed msg

g. After a black window opens and another short period of time, the same software registration keys window in the previous step be displayed. Click Ok to continue.
h. Once installation has completed, there will be a success window to conclude the bly:Mobile server installation.

BlyMOBILE Successfully Installed

i. Upon completion of the bly:Mobile application installation, setup the bly:Mobile account as the service account to run the bly:Mobile Application Server service. The Services management console can be accessed via the Administrator Tools on the server. Once the account has been added, start/restart the service.

BlyMOBILE Application Server Properties

5. The Smartphone and the Self Service tabs have the same installation procedure.

a. Click on Verify Install first to verify the necessary files are available.
BlyMOBILE Verify Install

b. Click on Install to install the files.
BlyMOBILE Install Smartphone

6. Once installation is complete, the Tools tab has buttons to launch the browser into bly:Mobile, start bly:Mobile locally in debug mode, or check the log file for any error messages.

BlyMOBILE Tools Tab

bly:Mobile Login Screen

bly MOBILE Login Screen

Setting up SSL for bly:Mobile

bly:Mobile has two web server configurations, Apache (Default) and Microsoft IIS. The default port for these installations is port 80 which provides direct and unsecure access to the web servers. In order to configure the web servers with SSL support you will need to configure the web server with the correct changes as well as providing a valid certificate. Below are links to each of the respective web servers SSL Configuration.  It is advisable to request the assistance of an IT person familer with the process if you do not have experience with this configuration.

Configuring Apache Web Server with SSL

Configuring IIS Web Server with SSL

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