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About bly:Mobile

Access your Sage 100 ERP system when and how you need it.

BlythecoDev’s bly:Mobile solution offers multiple deployment options:

Foundation License - Web browser-based Sage 100 ERP eliminates the need for expensive remote access tools (like Terminal Services or Citrix), and provides full system screens and capabilities for remote or traveling users. Run your system on a Mac or a Linux system, or on an alternative browser like Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Deploy one user or an entire remote office.

Smart Phone License - Sage 100 ERP on your smart phone. Access key system components easily and quickly using your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or other ‘smart phone.’ Customize your mobile screen using the standard Custom Office module.

bly:Mobile expands the reach of your business, enabling your executive, sales, service, purchasing, warehouse, delivery and other critical teams to be productive no matter where they are, or in the environment they choose.

Since the bly:Mobile suite uses Providex-based technology adapted to flexible delivery options, you can enjoy the power and intelligence of your Sage 100 ERP system using the device most convenient for you. bly:Mobile utilizes existing Sage 100 business logic and programming standards to ensure that its bly:Mobile Sage 100 Launcher functionality, integrity and reliability are identical to that of your ERP business applications. You can even configure and control bly:Mobile from within Sage 100 to fit your business needs and streamline your operations.

Overview of Architecture Information

Technical Requirements

Installation of bly|Mobile

Using bly|MOBILE

bly:Mobile Standard Launcher Screen

Bly:Mobile Sales

Using Bly:Mobile Function Keys

Bly:Mobile Rescue

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